Elizabeta Horvath

Half Vampire Sorceress


generally god like (note: comment subject to rose tinted glasses)


Elizabeta’s mother was seduced and impregnated by a Vampire named Javert, disgraced by this unholy pregnancy she fled her home town and found work as a bar maid, using her meager income to provide for herself and her child. Elizabeta was kept in the house most of the day to prevent people from discovering her vampriric nature, as she grew from infant to child however, her mother realised that she could not simply imprison her daughter and so she let her come with her to town, Elizabeta’s pale skin, yellow eyes and unseemly ability to attract the vile creatures of the world caused malicious rumours regarding her and her mother to quickly circulate amongst the small population of the town, children and adults alike treated Elizabeta coldly, excluding her. As the rumours and taunting became more and more vicious Elizabeta realised that her presence could soon hurt her mother in more than a social way and so, at the age of 13, she and her mother both moved away, her mother returned to her home town and Elizabeta wandered the countryside in search of work and secluded places to hone her newly emerging magical abilities.

Elizabeta Horvath

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