Reyjaq Porso. A.k.a Reyjaq Wolfe


Reyjaq (pronounced Ray-Jack) is five feet and nine inches tall. He has shoulder length black hair and tanned skin from out doors work. He is of a lean but muscular build with broad shoulders. He has dull grey eyes that study everything. His body is criss crossed with scars of many battles. On his jaw line there is a long scar on the right side of his face. He is clean shaven most of the time.


Reyjaq was once the son of a minor noble house. At the age of twelve however a rival hired assassins to kill off the family. Reyjaq escaped with his life, along with his younger sister and younger brother (aged 10 and 6 respectively). Survival was hard, Reyjaq was a noble boy and had no idea on how to live in the hostile world.
Two months after escaping bandits ambushed the trio. Reyjaq tried fighting them off, but the bandits bested him and carried off their meagre belongings, as well as his sister. Reyjaq and his brother tried to follow but the bandits slipped into the woods. He has never seen her again.
While in a town, begging on the street, Rey’s brother was stolen by a criminal. After several nights Reyjaq discovered the network that had stolen him. They stole children and made them fight each other and animals such as dogs. Rey was a day too late. All that was left was corpse of his brother, the bones being gnawed at by dogs.
Its been a long time since then. Reyjaq has toughened himself to the world and its rigors. He is now 22 years of age. He has served time as a mercenary, guard and criminal lawkeepers. He is now on the road again and has recently lost his sword and horse to a pack of bandits. He chased them off however and took one of their fallen’s short sword.
He dreams of going back to his parents homestead to take it back from the lord who chased him out all those years ago, though brushes off the idea as silly.

House Porso’s arms were three white long swords on a light blue field. Their words were “Deserve Victory”. They were founded by Reyjaq’s great grandfather, an adventurer who on his travels discovered three long swords of a unique quality. The swords were heirlooms and on the coming of age Reyjaq and his siblings would each receive one. If they have not been sold or destroyed they would be in the possession of the lord who destroyed his house.

Reyjaq Porso. A.k.a Reyjaq Wolfe

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