Stark and Lilly's Alchemy


6’2 Half orc with white eyes and white braded hair. His skin is a combination of white, grey and green that looks almost human. His features however are extremely orcish, with his tusks clearly jutting out from his lower jaw. He prefers to wear grey cloth clothes that cover his legs but not arms. He has a large hammer branded to his strong left arm.

(the image is the closest thing to what he looks like that i could find, imagine that but with white hair, bigger tusks and no blindfold)


He was born into slavery and has been there his whole life. He is blind, yet can function almost perfectly. Azul (previous character) bought him out of slavery and taught him and lily the ways of alchemy.

Lily and stark have now started up an alchemy store in Defiance and are growing at an incredible rate. They have also personally moved to Kelewen to live out their lives in a small alchemy store together.


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