Defiance is the main city in the country. It is a day’s travel to walk from one side to the other and is home to roughly four million people. It’s streets are bustling with life and activity and are lined with two-to-three story, high roofed (for giants) buildings. It is common knowledge that the closer to the gates you live, the poorer you are and the closer to the palace that you live, the more wealthy you are. Although there are a few exceptions to this rule.

The guards in this town are very good at doing their job and the streets are mostly very safe. Although there are a few parts of the city that have not been secured, the most of it is safe.

Outside the 60ft metal walls is farmland to the east. To the south are scattered houses, villas and the famous “Cross Roads”which links all of the notable cities. To the West is the lake Hallow that is the cities main water supply and flows from Firin Falls in Mount Selran.

All primary spell casters are required to be registered and monitored by the government.


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