Cave adventure

The brave “Adventurers” ventured forth into the unknown cave in seek of knowledge for Mr Jenson. On the way there, they met an ally who had two friends/workers that ran an alchemy store, but decided to help out with the group’s quest.

Upon entering the cave, a group of goblins were sitting, eating having a good o’l laugh. The group approached cautiously and defused any possible confrontation. Forward they went, discovering many anonymities about the cave’s potential resources.

Heroically fighting off a couple of little spiders, the group made it through to the main section of the cave were they encountered a door… in the middle of a cave… But unfortunately two members of the party were injured from the previous battles and were forced to wait in the clearing before the door with one guard, while “Wuidole” and “Thirion” cleared the only other entrance to the clearing apart from the door. More untapped resources were found in this part of the cave.

Soon it was deemed unsafe to continue to rest in the cave and it was decided that going through the door was the only option. One night was spent preparing and the group of goblins came and offered to help (for money of course). The next morning the door was breached.

Thirion, Wuidole and the group of goblins stormed in, finding a Drow couple inhabiting the space with a pet spider. The male was swiftly disposed of by Thirion, but the female was a tough one, taking down all but one goblin before meeting here demise to the blade of Wuidole.

The group quickly decided it was time to report back to Sebastian, taking along with them the last standing goblin, Iago,giving him less then the agreed upon amount of gold. The team made it back to Defiance with minimal interferences, but stopped along the way at a small village to re-stock. While they were there Thirion borrowed some of the unknown materials off Wuidole to see what they would do when forged into a sword. Although he may not know it yet, this could be one of the most important discoveries in history.


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